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Nichola Chucks, Diploma Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (2018)

Because they have low self esteem and confidence so they want others to feel the same.

They are going through a tough time/ depression and are irritable at anything.

Don't take it to personal as you never know what they are going through themselves, but if it's bothering you speak to them calmly

Logan French, History nerd, Teenager

One of my shortcomings is that I always think I know how other people should behave. Additionally I am a very sarcastic and straight to the point person. If someone messes up I try my hardest to be tactful, kind, and constructive, but I have to tell them what they should have done. I hate seeing people make mistakes and especially repeat old mistakes.

Mark Gerardy, M.S. Advanced Database Technology, Alumni of Regis University (2005)

Because they have a serious egotistical personality disorder in which they have uncontrolled aggression intermixed with uncontrolled self-righteousness.

They are way past-due for being taken out to the woodshed for a come-to-Jesus meeting with a big can of whoop-ass.

Winter Casual Calter Dress Boutique Lynn Corey gwzvqvAdSweater Pullover Limited The Boutique Winter , Owner/ Spiritual Counselor at Angelica's Gifts (1991-present)

If you are insecure, you find that in other people to make you okay. The reality what you see in others is really your reflection and you are the one needing to become more rational and see more good than what is not in yourself.

Ann Winter Taylor Boutique Wool Pants qHXfx5vwf, former Licensed Clinical Social Worker (1976-2011)

Why do people nitpick other people?

Could it be because they don’t have a life of their own? Could it be that they have to live by blaming, judging, criticizing the lives of others because they have no life in which they can be engaged, energized, passionate????

Laura Widzins, former Medical Receptionist at Veterans Health Administration (2008-2017)

Because they are ignoring their own short comings and think they will feel better by nagging another individual about something stupid.

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Because nits are tasty!